Sales, shipping and returns policy

General conditions

Placing an order at implies acceptance by the customer of the conditions set forth herein.

Signing up is very simple and your data will be saved in your account for future purchases.

For any claim you can contact:


Calle Los Pinares, 24530 Villadecanes León, España
Tfno.+34 619 740 699 / 679 399 640 /
CIF B24720385

By accepting these General Contracting Conditions, the User declares:

  1. That he is a person with the capacity to contract, of legal age (18).
  2. That you have read and accept these general contracting conditions.

The User will always and in any case have access, prior to the start of the product contracting procedure, to the contracting conditions, being able to be stored and / or reproduced on a durable medium.

Billing information

The billing data are those indicated in your customer account and cannot be subsequently modified in compliance with current regulations (Royal Decree 1619/2012, of November 30, which approves the Regulation that regulates obligations billing).
The invoice will be issued in the name of the natural person or company that places the order, so the customer must ensure that they place the order with the correct customer account. No further changes will be possible. If you want the invoice to go to a different name or company, you will have to be registered as a customer with the desired billing information and order under this account.
By making the purchase you agree to receive the invoice in your email. It will also be filed in your client area and you can consult, download and print it as many times as you need. However, if you wish, you have the right to receive the paper invoice. You can request it through the web in your registered client area.

Product purchase system

Before starting the purchase you must be previously registered.

1) To buy the products, you will have to select by clicking on the corresponding photo, to later choose the number of bottles or boxes you want.

2) The shopping cart will include the selected item, its name and the price (in Euros and VAT included). The indicated price does not include the shipping costs that may be generated since the rates vary depending on the destination and the weight of the final order.

3) Personal and billing data will be requested (if the customer wants an invoice), as well as delivery data, which will be incorporated into our database in order to process the order and facilitate future purchases.
(En el área privada Mi cuenta, se permiten ver y modificar los datos personales, acceder al histórico de compras)

4) Once the data is completed, and before finalizing the purchase process, the shipping address will be shown. Once the shipping address is selected, a summary of the items purchased, their total price (transport if applicable, and taxes included), and with the indicated shipping address will be displayed.

The order will have to be confirmed by clicking on the 'ACCEPT' button.

5) Purchases can be paid by credit or debit card (Visa and Mastercard)

In payments with credit or debit card, the charge will be made online, in real time, through the payment gateway of the corresponding financial institution, once the registered data has been verified to be correct.

6) Once the transaction has been completed, the financial institution will communicate if the payment has been accepted, the amount charged, the number of the card used with the first 12 asteriscated digits, the date and time, and the order number.

In the event of any incident (of any kind) in the payment process, the fact will be immediately reflected on the website. It will not be necessary to repeat the purchase process, as long as the “Retry” option is chosen. If, on the contrary, you click on "Go to my account", the shopping cart will be emptied automatically.

Once the payment is authorized, keep the order number provided by the payment gateway, it will be useful for any queries regarding it.

Once the purchase process is completed, will send an email confirming receipt of the order to the email provided by the user within 24 hours of the order being placed.

Payment method

The prices and rates applicable to the contracting by the user of the services, will be those that appear on the website at the time the user accesses the specific service, and proceeds to start the purchase process .

SAMPEDRO Y ALONSO, S.L. reserves the right to modify the prices of the products published on the aforementioned website, when it deems it convenient and making it visible on the website.

  1. Cards
    • VISA
    • MasterCard

    An automatic charge will be made to your card, at the time you process the order. This operation will be carried out through a secure server of, who guarantees the confidentiality of the data provided by the client through encryption, avoiding its communication to third parties outside the legal relationship, in accordance with the provisions of Law 15/99 of Protection of Personal Data. The company may request additional information from the customer to verify that the purchase has been made by the cardholder.

Prices and taxes applied

The applicable prices are those that appear on the web at the time the customer places his order.

The price of the products that appear on the web includes the corresponding Value Added Tax (VAT) according to the product.


In the Registered Customer area of the web you can access the information regarding your online purchase.

Data modification

On this same screen you can check the entered data, if it is not correct, you can go back and modify it. You can also request any change in your data through our contact form.


* Delivery times range from 24 to 72 hours. We cannot guarantee these deadlines, although we try to ensure that transport companies meet them whenever possible.
* Shipping will depend on the availability of each product, which is indicated in all the items offered.
* An order will be considered delivered when the delivery receipt is signed by the customer. From there the customer will have 72 hours to check the integrity of all the components of the order and to check that everything that is included in the included products is included. After these 72 hours, the shipment will be accepted and no claims will be accepted for damage or failure with the shipment.
* In case of receiving a product damaged by transport, you must contact us through our contact form indicating the order number and the problem it presents. So we can claim the transport company. Once the incident is received, a new shipment will be processed if your case requires it.

SAMPEDRO Y ALONSO, S.L. will not be responsible for errors or damages caused in the delivery when the delivery address provided by the user does not match the delivery location desired by the user.

Shipping costs Peninsula and Balearic Islands

1 BOTELLA 75CL 5,50 6,00
1 BOTELLA MAGNUM 1,5L (Serie limitada) 5,50 6,00
CAJA 6 BOTELLAS 75CL 7,00 7,50

European Union shipping costs

PAÍS CODIGO ISO SP(smallparcel) 3kg 10kg
Alemania DE 8,50 10,50 13,00
Francia zona 1 FR ZONE 1 8,50 10,50 13,00
Bélgica BE 8,90 12,25 14,20
Reino unido zona 1 UK ZONE 1 8,90 12,25 14,20
Austria AT 8,90 12,25 14,20
Dinamarca DK 8,90 12,25 14,20
Luxemburgo LU 8,90 12,25 14,20
Países Bajos NL 8,90 12,25 14,20
República Checa CZ 8,90 12,25 14,20
Italia zona 1 IT ZONE 1 9,25 12,25 15,00
Italia zona 2 IT ZONE 2 9,25 12,25 15,00
Reino unido zona 2 UK ZONE 2 9,50 14,25 16,50
Polonia PL 9,50 14,25 16,50
Eslovaquia SK 11,00 17,25 20,00
Eslovenia SI 11,00 17,25 20,00
Suiza CH 11,00 17,25 20,00
Bulgaria BG 18,00 22,50 27,50
Croacia HR 18,00 22,50 27,50
Estonia EE 18,00 22,50 27,50
Finlandia FI 18,00 22,50 27,50
Irlanda 1 IE ZONE 1 18,00 22,50 27,50
Irlanda 2 IE ZONE 2 18,00 22,50 27,50
Letonia LV 18,00 22,50 27,50
Lituania LT 18,00 22,50 27,50
Rumanía RO 18,00 22,50 27,50
Suecia SE 18,00 22,50 27,50
Hungría HU 17,75 30,00 36,50
Grecia zona 1 GR ZONE 1 19,00 24,50 48,90
Grecia zona 2 GR ZONE 2 19,00 24,50 48,90
Malta MT 19,00 27,15 52,90
Chipre CY 23,80 33,90 79,90
Turquía TR 23,80 33,90 79,90
Francia zona 2 FR ZONE 2 24,50 26,90 28,95
Noruega NO 24,50 29,20 33,90
Serbia RS 27,25 31,85 36,60
Albania AL 32,70 39,30 68,99
Bosnia y Herzegovina BA 32,70 39,30 68,99
Islandia IS 32,70 39,30 68,99
Islas feroe FO 32,70 39,30 68,99
Kosowo XK 32,70 39,30 68,99
Montenegro ME 32,70 39,30 68,99
República de Macedonia MK 32,70 39,30 68,99


If during the fourteen days after receipt of the order the customer wishes to return the product, he may do so from his registered customer area, indicating his desire to make the return, under the following conditions:

  • All merchandise must be returned in its original packaging with all the accessories it contains, in perfect condition and protected, avoiding stickers, seals or adhesive tapes directly on the surface or packaging of the item. Otherwise SAMPEDRO Y ALONSO, S.L. reserves the right to reject the return.
  • Defective or deteriorated products. If the client detects that the product received is defective or deteriorated, he must contact the Customer Service Department within fourteen business days after receiving the order, where the necessary steps will be taken to replace it with a new one in perfect condition. status and at no additional charge.
  • Once you have communicated your desire to make the return, you will receive instructions to send it to our facilities in your email. You must send the goods without delay, within a maximum period of 14 days from when you communicate your desire to exercise the right.
  • Transportation costs arising from the return will be borne by you. You are free to choose and search for the agency that best suits your needs or offers you the most competitive rates.
  • Once the merchandise is received and verified that it is in perfect condition, the refund will be processed. We will refund the payment received from you, including the delivery cost with the exception of the additional costs resulting from your choice of a different delivery method than the least expensive ordinary delivery method we offer. We will make the payment within a maximum period of 14 calendar days from when you exercise your right of withdrawal. Until we have received the goods we can retain the refund.


* Returns of the following products will not be accepted, as established by Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007, of November 16, which approves the revised text of the General Law for the Defense of Consumers and Users and other laws complementary:

1. The provision of services, once the service has been fully executed, when the execution has begun, with the prior express consent of the consumer and user and with the acknowledgment on their part that they are aware that, once the contract has been fully executed by the employer, you will have lost your right of withdrawal.
2. The supply of goods or the provision of services whose price depends on fluctuations in the financial market that the entrepreneur cannot control and that may occur during the withdrawal period.
3. The supply of goods made according to the specifications of the consumer and user or clearly personalized.
4. The supply of goods that may deteriorate or expire rapidly.
5. The supply of sealed goods that are not fit to be returned for reasons of health protection or hygiene and that have been unsealed after delivery.
6. The supply of goods that after delivery and taking into account their nature have been inextricably mixed with other goods.
7. The supply of sealed sound or video recordings or sealed computer programs that have been unsealed by the consumer and user after delivery.
8. The supply of digital content that is not provided on a material medium when the execution has begun with the prior express consent of the consumer and user with the knowledge on their part that they consequently lose their right of withdrawal.

Right of withdrawal

Orders can be canceled at no cost until the time the shipment has been prepared for shipment to the USER. If the user's cancellation request comes after the order has been prepared, the cancellation request will be considered a return by the user.

The user may freely withdraw from the sale contract, without indicating the reasons, within fourteen (14) calendar days following the date of receipt of the product. The date of the receipt certifying the delivery of the product will serve for the purposes of starting the computation of the fourteen (14) day period mentioned.

To exercise the right of withdrawal, the user must notify their decision through an unequivocal statement (for example, a letter sent by post or email) indicating for identification and management purposes the e-mail used for the purchase and the order number.

Calle Los Pinares, 24530 Villadecanes León, España
Tfno.679 399 640 /
CIF B24720385

To meet the withdrawal period, it is sufficient that the communication regarding the exercise of this right is sent in accordance with the provisions of current legislation before the corresponding period expires.

Consequences of withdrawal

The user must bear the direct cost of returning the goods.

In the event of withdrawal, all payments received will be refunded (with the exception of additional costs resulting from the choice of a different delivery method than the least expensive ordinary delivery method offered). The refund of these sums will be made without undue delay and, in any case, before 14 calendar days have elapsed from the date on which the user was informed of the decision to withdraw from the contract.

Said refund will be made using the same means of payment used by the user for the initial transaction. In any case, you will not incur any expenses as a result of the refund. The refund may be withheld until the goods have been received or until the user has presented proof of the return thereof, depending on which condition is met first.

If the goods have already been delivered, the user must return them to the notification address without any undue delay and, in any case, within 14 calendar days from the date on which they communicate their decision to withdraw from the contract.

VIÑEDOS SAMPEDRO Y ALONSO, S.L. You can withhold the refund until you have received the goods, or until the consumer and user have presented proof of the return of the goods, depending on which condition is met first.

Modification of the contracting conditions

VIÑEDOS SAMPEDRO Y ALONSO, S.L. You can modify these provisions as long as there is sufficient cause or reason for it. It is understood that there is sufficient cause or reason for the modification, by way of example and not limitation, when the purpose is:

  1. Expand the range or number of products that are made available to Users or improve existing ones.
  2. Modify, replace or update the prices of the products offered through the website.

Users will always have these General Conditions in a visible place, freely accessible for as many queries as they wish to make.

Acceptance of the General Conditions will be a prior and indispensable step to the hiring of any product available through the Website.